Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sazerwrap Part 1: The Food

The Sazerwrap has been the @RockBodyElec way of rounding up all the amazing things that happen down at our annual trip to Jazzfest in New Orleans.  As in past years we will breaking the review up into two parts, Food and Music, today is the food.  Only 11 Months until next years festival! 

Food and joyous celebration of eats, cocktails and ribaldry are just as important to the music on our annual Jazzfest pilgrimage. Click the read more and jump in...

Every year dinners are planned way in advance at various places both highbrow and lowbrow to sample the cities exquisite culinary fare. 2014 was no different giving us a return to old favorites and a chance to try new things.

Annually we start at our breakfast spot in the quarter EAT. While it is still a major highlight the restaurant this trip underwhelmed a bit, lacking certain entries and ingredients (ran out of the special Soft Shell Crab Po'Boy one hour after opening) and preparing old favorites in new not as successful way (Alligator Pie). That said their Fritatta was insane and the omelet still rules the egg world.
On the first night we caught up with what we have deduced (and would love to be proved wrong) are the best way to prepare oysters in town, the Charbroiled Oysters at Drago's.      
Not the best vibe, situated in the Hilton Lobby, but a really stellar dish and amazingly fresh seafood all around.

Of course drinks are just as much as a staple in town as eats, and no better place to fill up then with Lu Brow and crew at Swizzle Stick Bar. Maker of amazing cocktails, teller of great stories and a fantastic ambassador to the city. This Bramble was perfect:
Another world class cocktail is the Sazerac at the Carousel Bar Hotel Monteleone. Blows our mind every time at how solid a drink it is:
That bad boy serves as a perfect starter before hitting some Miller Hi Life's at Erin Rose or this trips favorite new bar find, Molly's At The Market

Both of those places also serve amazing bar food, Molly's specializes in Tacos while Erin Rose ups the ante with Killer Po'Boy's that completely live up to their name. The Grilled Shrimp one saved my life at lunch on Sunday:
We also had an amazing lunch with Lu on Friday at the historic Dookie Chase. Their lunch buffet is such a great deal it would be worth hitting even if the food wasn't world class...and Lord Jesus it is heavenly. The best fried chicken I have ever eaten, hands down. The home made sausage was divine as were the lima beans (yup) and the catfish on the bone (double yup).
Getting a chance to speak with Leah Chase again like we did last year was a special moment that I will never forget. Thanks again Lu.
Venturing uptown that night we had a table at the legendary Brigtsen's. Splitting the Seafood Platter was the way to go,
but in the end the food was just too rich for my blood to fully get into it, then again it had been a long day of amazing meals and cocktails and things were just getting started....  

We talked about a lot of meals already but there were even more, the dynamite biscuit breakfast at Ruby Slipper, the Seafood Po'Boy at Fiorella's and of course our constant favorite meal down there at Cochon which saw a world of Pork being explored. After writing this out I think I should go workout now.... 
Unfortunately no real eating went on at the fairgrounds this year, but lots of music was consumed there and all around town. Will hit that up in part 2 of our review. Stay Tuned.

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