Thursday, May 22, 2014

Live Review: R. Scully's Rough Seven 5/3/14 NOLA

Got a new review posted over @glidemag of the 5/3/14 live show from Saturn Bar in New Orleans, LA. Go Right C'here to read it!
There were 3 bands playing that night, R. Scully's Rough Seven, Norco Lapalco, The Boy Sprouts and it was a hell of a show in the Bywater.

The Boy Sprouts impressed us, Norco Lapalco were weird in a good way and the Rough Seven blew our doors off as per usual. We said a lot about it in the review so we won't say much more other then the Rough Seven are amazing and easily were the highlight show from our Jazzfest trip.
This is becoming the norm and we only hope this band continues their high level of playing.
Keep on Rockin' In the Free World.  

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