Thursday, May 1, 2014

Album Review: The Levee Toppers- Levee Toppers EP

The Levee Toppers
Levee Toppers EP 
** out of *****
A trio of bluegrass/folk players from New Orleans, who released their first self-titled EP to Bandcamp. This 3 song instrumental EP is quick and to the point, but the band prove in that short time that they are worthy of playing some sawdust stomping Americana.

"Poor Ellen Smith" open things as the boys play and record live. This is an inference but also one with some measure as the actual recording levels seem to shift med way through the songs and the instrumentation becomes muffled. As a demo first release it is hard to knock the fellas but this is a touch distracting from the fine playing.

The country boy swagger of "Grub Springs" is warming with casual ease. The set closing "Sally Goodin" is the brightest spot as the band's fiddle flies while strings soar in all different directions yet is as cohesive as can be. A bright start and a good old timey find, keep plucking away on top of those levee's.
Yet another NOLA diverse find on bandcamp.

Support the band, Grab the disk here, stream it below:

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