Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Album Review: Teen Hustle- Radio Spies

Teen Hustle
Radio Spies
*** out of *****
From the brain of John Sullivan comes Teen Hustle's first release Radio Spies with Sullivan singing playing guitar and bass while Matt Heroman slams the drums. The group has a link to indie/noise/pop groups of the late 80's and early 90's with acts like Dinosaur Jr. Afghan Wigs and more recently Kurt Vile getting shout outs. 

The group amps up the level of feedback and noise but keeps the songs out of the avant-garde realm. A highlight rocker is "Gossip" which motors along with upbeat drumming and floating vocals. A clanging repetition marks "One Day We Will Look Back At This And Laugh" while the opening title track "Radio Spies" pushes upward towards the arena rock ceiling.

"Off To" has a positive vibe through it with soaring vocals and "Darling One's" contains a smiling pop atmosphere. "Spring's Derision" showcases a rhythmic groove before closer "Sweeney, Matt" closes things with rising tempo builds, layers of 6 strings and pounding drums.

A confident first effort from the duo who float in alterna-rock waters down at the mouth of the Mississippi.  
The last of our NOLA bandcamp finds in honor of the city and Jazzfest. There is so much variety in that town it is crazy, Teen Hustle is probably the one closest to home for RtBE so we figured we would ease back into our regularly scheduled broadcasting with it. Stay tuned for our famous Sazerwrap of the festival coming we need to recover.

Support the artist here, grab the album here or stream it below:

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