Monday, May 5, 2014

Dylan Cover #137 The String Cheese Incident "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues"

In this ongoing Monday Series we will be exploring various artists versions of Bob Dylan song's. Today's tune is a live cover by The String Cheese Incident playing "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues"

This month our Dylan Cover Series will focus on artists playing The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival The String Cheese Incident headlined the Acura Stage on 5/1.

Thoughts on Original:
An energetic romp that has been covered by everyone, this tune is a great swirl through Dylan's freaky mind. It was a punch and a whirlwind journey through Juarez, Mexico around Easter time...Maybe. There are lots of literary hints dropped, as well as a mischievous smile throughout. One of the First Dylan tunes we gravitated too and with good reason, it is still one of our favorites.    

Thoughts on Cover Artist:
To us The String Cheese Incident will always represent the third wave of "jambands" assuming the Dead invented the genre, Phish popularized for a new generation and bands like moe and especially tSCI are big bands after them. We fell out of the movement then and overall have always thought of SCI as too light and airy for our tastes. We need some low end and that is not really SCI's specialty so they never did it for us. That said, we have some more coming from them this month on RtBE
Thoughts on Cover:
A jammed out take that extends for almost seven minutes with an extended end jam. Upbeat and mandolin heavy as it romps around. The lyrics are adequately sung and even the switch to the band's home of Colorado is forgivable. Not a unpleasant take.

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