Thursday, July 30, 2020

Album Review: Gaffer - Demo CS

Demo CS
*** out of *****

The Perth Australia based punk outfit Gaffer is a throw back to late 70's/early 80's sounding raw UK punk scene on their debut Demo CS. The band finds a lot of parallels between those bleak times and these current days.

The no frills first release is a straight ahead pummel as "Hang" begins things with buzzing guitars and a futile rage that seeps into the ominous thumping low end that pushes "The Rot" forward while dealing with bleak day to day existence of growing up. The grind you down post punk groove of "Animal" and lo-fi clanging of "Stop" are fine but the band saves its best for last as a trio of tunes end the brief debut on a uptick.

The run starts with "Skin of Your Teeth" pushing the high level riffs and distortion with rumbling bass before a shouted out chorus while the buzz saw guitars on closer "No Pace" wraps the debut up but it is "Stuck" which is just be the best of the bunch. Layers of guitar sounds, nimble work form the powerful bass and drums and flailing vocals add up to a winner.

There is nothing new displayed here, just a solid punk outfit going through the tried and true motions as Gaffer drops their gloomy punk into the current cauldron of world wide discontent.
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