Thursday, July 16, 2020

Album Review: Soakie - Soakie

*** out of *****

The debut self titled record from Soakie is a 13 minute blast of fast fresh punk/hardcore which reverberates around your brain with raw power.  The band members are split between Melbourne and NYC and the old school New York Hard Core vibe is clearly present in this ripping release.

Opener "Nuke The Frats" declares war on the patriarchy while shouting out scrambled lyrics before the track slaps into a grooving finale. "Or You Or You" finds vocalist Summer Perlow getting her whine on in classic punk fashion while "Power Tool" starts poppy before moving into more Perlow screams and a slamming drum movement from Austin Burkey.

The slashing riffs of Samuel Willoughby support the plain spoken complaint that there are too many "Boys On Stage" while the rumbling low end from Nellie Pearson propels "What's Your Gender?" before closer "Don't Talk Back" screeches and slams with defiant power.

The group sings about modern issues directly raging against the proverbial machine and while the musical backing has power Perlow's voice is distinct enough to stand out, but is at a register that can burn out quickly no matter how in the right they are with their politics. 

The whirlwind blitzkrieg of "Ditch The Rich" is a bad ass example of Soakie's ferocious power at it's zenith as they slam ahead while throwing in enough musical curve balls to keep fans and newcomers to the genre engaged and enraged.
Support the band, buy the album, stream it on bandcamp or below and peep some video:

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