Thursday, August 21, 2014

Album Review: Benjamin Booker- Benjamin Booker

Hey all got a new review up @glidemag which you can read Right C'here!!!
 It is of Benjamin Booker's first self titled release and it is a doozy of roots retro rock and roll.

This kid has got talent for days and it is great to hear this sound in rock and from NOLA as well. We mentioned Khatib in the review but we see a lot of parallels between the two disks. Both are stripped down no nonsense rock and roll that flows with a retro vibe. Khatib is more polished, Booker more raw. Anyway the disk is pretty Boosh.

Support the artist here, buy the album here and peep some video below:
"Violent Shiver"

"Have You Seen My Son?" Live   

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