Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More Basement Tapes from Dylan and The Band

Our Uncle's over @glidemag have broken the good news that one of the hero's of this site will be dipping into his back catalog from one of the most fertile periods of his history for his next release. Bob Dylan will be releasing his 11th Bootleg Series and this time he is giving us more Basement Tapes.
This period from when the bard played with the band is some of the best American popular music ever recorded. We downloaded some bootleg quality collection titled "The Real" Basement Tapes years back, and this may be the same thing (hopefully with better audio quality) but any which way more music from Big Pink is welcomed. 

We love The Band and obviously Bobby so much, so we are looking forward to this. Until then here is an enlightening speech from Robby Robertson talking about that era:

I think it's more then "OK" Robbie....

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