Thursday, August 14, 2014

Album Review: Earthless Meets Heavy Blanket- In A Dutch Haze

Hey all got a new review up @glidemag which you can read Right C'here!!!

This is jam/noise/guitar-soloin'g craziness right here. I said most of what I want to say in the review except when dealing with the star ranking, personally this one is MEGA!!! but I understand this type of rock isn't for everyone so I think 7 stars is a good pick and just make sure you know what you are in for.

Also need to mention the Glide team and editing, I love that the whole crew over there that has let me write for them for, Jesus, I don't even know how long, and I also love they have different senses of what is appropriate for a review. Here is my opening sentence that I sent in:
Stoner/Psych rock geeks get ready to cream in your jeans as a unique pairing of six-string wizards and a jamming rhythm section, one time only improv set from 2012 Roadburn Festival was captured and now released as Earthless Meets Heavy Blanket, In a Dutch Haze.
compared to what they posted: 
Stoner/psych fans are sure to get some pelvic region blood flowing from this unique pairing of six-string wizards and a jamming rhythm section are captured in this one time only improv set from the 2012 Roadburn Festival titled Earthless Meets Heavy Blanket/In a Dutch Haze.
Not any sort of deal big or small to me, but I find it very amusing blood better then geeky sploosh? I still love that cream your jeans line I took from The Kentucky Fried Movie...will have to try to use that again sometime. ...Anyways:
Buy the Album here, stream it on their bandcamp page

and peep some video of them doing it live below: 

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