Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Album Review: Has-Lo & Castle- Live Like You're Dead

Has-Lo & Castle
Live Like You're Dead
**and1/2 out of *****
The Arizona based indie hip-hop collective Mellow Music has put out a steady stream of talented MC's and two of them Has-Lo & Castle  have combined here for the mellow reflective and fun Live Like You're Dead.

The duo have natural chemistry with chuckles and side chatter filtering in at various points throughout the 14 song offering. Both seem to be having a hell of a time rhyming about basketball, spelling, late night shenanigans or just dropping sex rhymes to ladies who like to show their big ol' butts over social media. Nothing deep to be rhymed about but for the hot summer days the tracks roll past effortlessly.

Musically the production is easy rolling with experimental flashes and old school tributes. "Famished" ends with scratches and a fade out before the retro dance beat of "Hennessy-Yak Rap" which is a nonsensical track of drunken silliness. "D.L.S" and the title track are the most energetic  tracks with pulsing beats while cricket chirps color "My Uncle". The deep groove of "Stubborn Vice" is appealing while the organ on "Good Feelings (U Must Relax)" feel too thin.   

In the end, the disk doesn't really provide any tracks or rhymes that stick around past a spin or two but the effortless flow, chemistry and style still remain appealing.
Another good Bandcamp find. Support the group here, stream the album here, peep some video below: 

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