Thursday, August 7, 2014

Belated Happy B-Day to James Hetfield: A Musical Tribute

We missed the Metallica front-man's birthday, so happy belated birthday Mr. Hetfield who turned 51 on August 3rd. Most years we wish a Happy Birthday to Jerry Garcia (and our sister) on August 1st but this year we are going for another man from the Bay Area who happens to be the most metal person in the world....
Errr...maybe not these days, but god damn was he ever....
Our friends over at Hyemen and Metalfunkel did not let the glorious moment pass, in fact they recorded a musical tribute to the master of headbanging and they did it in their own turtleneckin' style:

Big up's to Sean Paul and Andrew for an excellent version of the Metallica classic in a form only they can pull off.
They rule...

 And just to slam the metal point home here is some killer classic Metallica for the occasion:

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