Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Album Review: SethGriff - Prettyboi Talk

Prettyboi Talk
**and1/2 out of *****

The newest EP from the Atlanta underground hip hop artist SethGriff is first solo effort titled Prettyboi Talk and it is a short sampling of braggadocios, flexing and eerie sparse beats.

The street hits hard as SethGriff's topics of rhyming focus solely on bitches, people talking shit and doing drugs. The slow piano and stutter beats are intermingled with machine gun and cash counting machines on the opening track "Hittin" produced by Kyber. Hypnotic in a grimy way the tune sets the table for the remaining tracks.

The EP keeps the theme of simple repeating fills in almost metronome fashion and deeper bass as the Cobis produced "All This Shit" is a natural musical extension of "Hittin" as SethGriff stays on the same topics with fierceness. Tension rises with slipping bass lines and deep hits on "Wait" produced by Scythe before the ominous feeling returns with "Bad Habits" wraps things up as Prettyboi Talk closes on the same theme it started with the D Moneybags produced effort.

For a brief four song EP produced by four separate individuals Prettyboi Talk is remarkably flowing in theme, tone and texture. While SethGriff has a talented clipped flow his rhymes are fairly standard but as he grows his palette will expand, but as it stands his first EP is worth a listen. 
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