Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Album Review: Soy Pablo - boy pablo

Soy Pablo
boy pablo EP
*** out of *****

After going viral with the video for "Everytime" Soy Pablo found instant success and began touring the world as a five piece band. However, the singer/songwriter responsible is the Norway based Pablo Muñoz who writes and records all of the parts for the albums. Now comes the boy pablo EP and it is an engaging slice of dance ready, upbeat indie rock.

The seven songs prove Muñoz has a real ear for pop rock candy as "Feeling Lonely" starts the grooving right off the bat with it's dance ready music over an ode about lost cell phones and love. Lyrically the drama between relationships is the at the heart of his writing and the confusion rears it's head for the short warbling guitar lines of "wtf" while dreaming about his baby propels "t-shirt".

"Sick Feeling" is a swirling mix of retro r&b and modern indie issues while "Losing You" is a standout on the short EP with it's nod to English eighties pop, and soulful grooves, all around a disco sheen; the production and upbeat spirit shines bright.

Never afraid of going for big and dramatic Muñoz swallows and projects a Paul McCartney Wings era vibe on a few tracks here. "Limitado" increases the swells and ooh's and aah's while closer "tkm" strolls through the same fields, getting a bit dragged down by the pomp and circumstance, but manages to rescue things with a great guitar line which swells up half way through and delivers to the finish line.

Muñoz is a true talent who is just starting out and for once it is nice to see something which went viral have substance and quality behind it; Soy Pablo is one to watch. 
Support the artist, buy the record and peep some video below:

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