Thursday, December 6, 2018

Album Review: Cremalleras - Mercado Negro

Mercado Negro
*** out of *****

The lo-fi punk duo Cremalleras consists of Violeta and Daniel on guitar and drums respectively and their second full length on the Thrilling Living label is Mercado Negro which has raw sound running through their busted up speakers into your headphones.

The blasting opener "Arruinaremos tu Vida" is a minute of aggression setting the pace before the title track yelps and speeds out of the box with sing along ready chants. The driving "Craneos" features the hardest drumming on the record from Daniel and is also doom laden in comparison to the the other scathing offerings.

"Seres incomprididos" sounds as if a literal buzz saw is playing along with the shouting Violet and "Cuarto sin ventanas" only tones down that buzzing slightly while making industrial punk sound vital. The brief yelps color "Pandemia" which flies at a break neck pace before the slamming "La peste" continues the hyper speed onslaught, tossing in some breakdowns for good measure. Burners "Me decia" and the old school sounding "Fando del vagon" (think "Small Man Big Mouth" from Minor Threat) wrap up the brief torrid album from Cremallares.

All of the songs are super brief slamming with hostility and desperation and fading out before sticking around to long to become stale, the whole album is a little over twelve minutes. While there might not be a ton of music on Mercado Negro, the songs presented are effective and The Monterrey Mexico based duo are a trip of lo-fi punk fit for dirty basement shows and late night riffs.
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