Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Two Brand New Raconteur Songs

The Raconteurs are gloriously back in the saddle and making new music. They just recently released their first new songs in 10 years via Third Man Records Vault Series. RtBE has been spinning the double A-side 45 for a few days now and really dig on it.

The band released videos for both songs today. The tunes are a bit less full throttle rock and roll like Consolers of the Lonely, and are a touch closer to odd bluesy of Broken Boy Soliders. Both will sound great live and RtBE will be traveling the globe to catch them as they are one of the best live acts when they are motoring.

Here are " Now That You're Gone" and "Sunday Driver", Brendan Benson and Jack White lead respectively, but the best thing about the Rac's is that they truly are a group as their sound (on "Sunday Driver" especially) recalls the rhythm section of Patrick Wheeler and Jack Lawrence band The Greenhornes a ton.   

RtBE can not wait for the full length and tour dates. Keep on keepin' on until then.

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