Thursday, April 1, 2021

Musicians Predicting the 2021 Baseball Season

We already celebrated Opening Day which gets under way in a half hour (barring rain/snow in NYC) but we also wanted to point out Spin's article where they talk to 62 musicians having them predict the upcoming baseball season. 

This is a super cool piece and it may be  an idea we steal in the future. Quite a few Mets fans are in this, and since they are the smartest fans in baseball we will highlight them. Who knew George Thorogood was a Mets supporter? Julian Casablancas yes, but Bad Religion's (and Minor Threat's) Brian Baker? That is a new cool one to find out about. Chris Forsyth and Josh Kolenik are new to the site as Mets fans and musicians so that is doubly exciting! 

It is fun how half the people take it seriously and half are phoning it in (or sarcasm doesn't really work on email baseball prediction interviews) but we really like Riley Breckenridge's take on the shitty Angels ownership decisions, Kevin Morby, David Cook and Jim Suptic are super engaged Royals fans, Pete Yorn delivers as a delusional Yankee fan and Matt Muse must be smarting over that Eloy Jimenez injury....

Lots of Yankee/Dodgers world series predictions going down and those are definitely the favorites. RtBE will just be happy for a full season and catching a game at Citi Field when the time is right. Hopefully we will bump into Thorogood, Casablancas,  Baker, Forsyth and Kolenik working on a new Mets song...until then here is Baker's first band Minor Threat, The Strokes, Chris Forsyth, Small Black and George Thorogood. #LFGM!

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