Friday, May 28, 2021

Full Show Friday: Mike Patton / Mondo Cane - Teatro Caupolicán, Santiago, Chile, Sep. 21, 2011

We search the murky back waters of youtube to find full concerts and post them to the site weekly, come back every seven days to help us celebrate Full Show Friday's. These shows are of varying quality and may not be here for long so enjoy them while you can...As always, please support the artist every which way, but especially by seeing them live (if they are still playing)...This week...Mike Patton / Mondo Cane!

The theatrical stylings of Mike Patton and Mondo Cane playing Teatro Caupolicán, Santiago, Chile on Sep. 21, 2011 is our Full Show Friday of the week. Pro Shot, Pro Sound, Full set list below. Enjoy:

00:00 Il Cielo in Una Stanza 03:32 Che Notte! 07:02 Ore d'Amore 09:44 20 KM al Giorno 13:08 Quello Che Conta 16:03 Urlo Negro 18:57 Legata ad un Granello di Sabbia 23:02 Deep Down 26:19 Pinne, Fucile ed Occhiali 29:04 Scalinatella 32:18 L'uomo che non Sapeva Amare 35:37 Ma l'Amore no 39:34 Canzone 43:15 Ti Offro da Bere 45:44 Dio Come ti Amo 49:45 Storia d'Amore 54:02 Lontano, Lontano 57:01 O Venezia 01:01:10 Yeeeeeeh! 01:03:13 Senza Fine 01:08:37 Que He Sacado Con Quererte (Violeta Parra Cover) 01:10:17 Una Sigaretta 01:13:50 Sole E Malato 01:17:10 Presentacion de los músicos de Mondo Cane Mike Patton's Mondo Cane - Teatro Caupolicán, Santiago, Chile, Sept. 21, 2011 (Via X HD)

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