Friday, October 15, 2021

Happy Tenth Anniversary to Angels & Vagabonds

10 years ago today, Angels & Vagabonds made our public debut, playing a show at the Village Lantern on Bleecker in Greenwich Village in NYC. 

The trivia question is, what was the bands original name for this show?  

We changed it to Angels & Vagabonds before our next live show a few months later, but we started out as Comic Book Bad Guys and our friend Mark crafted a kick ass flyer for our first gig:
We may have to go back to that name at some point, but in the near future (hopefully early 2022) we will have new music coming out. Until then check out our two EP's on Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes, Youtube, Pandora, etc.

Today however we are reliving the past, thanks to everyone who has listened to our music, come out to that first show or any other one after that. 

Here are a few videos from our first show on 10/15/11 from The Village Lantern on Bleecker St. somehow they still exist on youtube, thanks David. 

The first song we ever played:

The first song we ever wrote:

And a song we have re-worked and will hopefully be coming out in 2022:

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