Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Album Review: Chubby and the Gang - The Mutt's Nuts

Chubby and the Gang
The Mutt's Nuts 
****and1/2 out of *****

On Speed Kills, the debut from Chubby and the Gang, the band mixed a stout hardcore punk foundation with catchy choruses and surprising pop twists, producing one of the better albums of 2020. The outfit quickly returns and have raised the bar with The Mutt's Nuts, fifteen tunes which slam and swagger confidently while also expanding their sound in positive directions; a clear statement the band is ready for prime time.   

Frontman Charlie Manning Walker (aka Chubby Charles) is supported this go around by an expanded Gang of  Tom ‘Razor’ Hardwick, Meg Brooks Mills, Ethan Stahl and Joe McMahon. All players have roots in the English hardcore/rock scene, and the combo dances between genres as Manning Walker's gruff vocals lead the charge.  

There is another theme song to kick off this record, as the title track sets the scene and incorporates a Roger Daltrey stutter to announce a ripping guitar solo. The Rancid inspired "It's Me Who'll Pay" slams out aggressively while "Coming Up Tough" is a dynamite blast of Buzzcocks inspired strutting post punk. CatG continue their mix the pretty and profane as "Someone's Gunna Die" drumming blasts direct before soothing backing vocals and harmonica and "On The Meter" delivers a slice of West London sneers, mixing pop appeal with gutter trash punks. 

The band are much more open to traversing new musical avenues this go around. "Pressure" begins with metal like riffs before going full on guitar pedal psych-rock ala J Mascis for a phenomenal solo. Even more surprising is the band shift into balladry with "Take Me Home To London" an acoustic number in the vein of The Pogues and "Life's Lemons" which is a less successful but pulls in a wide range of original rock influences.   

The band can do straight ahead punk slamming with the best of them (see "Overachiever", "Getting Beat Again") but with The Mutt's Nuts they have broadened their sonic palette wonderfully. The garage rock, piano accented "Life On The Bayou" is a blast while closer "I Hate The Radio" is a dazzling slice of new wave inspired pop all this is and the bands best song of their short career, the anthemic "Lightning Doesn't Strike Twice", delivers a jolt of pure rock and roll. 

Chubby and the Gang have upped their game on The Mutt's Nuts, expertly keeping their punk edge while incorporating new influences and hopefully reaching new heights of fame.     
RtBE rated the bands debut highly, this is an even better follow up. Support the band, buy the album, stream it on bandcamp or below and peep some video:

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