Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Live Review: Dr Dog - 10/2/21 Terminal 5 NYC

Live Review: 
Dr Dog
10/2/21 Terminal 5 NYC 

The scruffy pop troubadours from Philly are making their final rounds this year as Dr Dog decided to put an end to touring life. While the band isn't breaking up, their road schedule is coming to an end...until their reunion tour at some point if every other band is a barometer. That said, Dr. Dog has been a favorite live act to catch and I have done so every tour they have rolled through NYC since the first time I caught them way back at the Mercury Lounge in a blizzard during the early days of 2006.   

Now wrapping up their road journey in New York City's Terminal 5, the outfit played to a semi full house as their well loved tunes continued to recall classic rock icons while injecting a bit of their own sauce into the mix.

Playing in front of a beach glass via post-it notes back drop, the band kicked open the night with "Lonesome" which sparked a revival like response from the crowd who were singing along with almost every word. Huge drums kicked into "Where Did All The Time Go?" as the band hopped around stage literally dancing in circles for "The Rabbit, The Bat, and The Reindeer" while "Survive" flashed a few bars of "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" out to the Saturday night crowd. The twinkling "How Long Must I Wait" had couples swirling while the folk stomp of "Nellie" shook and quaked. 

Dr. Dog's harmonies are their calling card and all vocals were on point this night as tunes like "Ain't It Strange", "Bring My Baby Back" and "The Truth" rang out gloriously. Both "The Beach" with its slow waltzing grandeur and "Shadow People" with it's dramatic soaring, contained blazing guitar work, proving to be highlights on the night. 

Set closer "Heart It Races" also was in top form as the band hit all the right notes during the eighteen song set before taking a bow. The encore which saw opener Elvis Perkins in Dearland join for "Die, Die, Die" and "Jackie Wants A Black Eye" was a hoot while Dr. Dog ended their touring days in NYC with, appropriately, "Go Out Fighting". 

On stage Dr. Dog has remained consistently excellent over the years that I have had the privilege of catching them, delivering powerful live sets that are musically dexterous and most importantly fun; they will be missed...if this is really the end. 


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