Tuesday, October 26, 2021

New Single from Ghostkeeper "Grassy Plains"

The newest single from Calgary, Alberta Canada band Ghostkeeper has a new single and video out titled "Grassy Plains".

You can listen to the single and check out the band's description of the tune below:

Our new single, “Grassy Plains,” charts a fantasy based on a post-apocalyptic scenario where the protagonist’s man has gone off to fight as a revolutionary soldier.

Driven to seek the help of the minegishi (sacred little people), she gathers medicine and words to bring her love home.

We sought to capture the story of lovers in a dystopian time who lament the distance between them as they struggle to find each other in one realm or another.

Our upcoming studio effort really boosted the belief in our visions and ideas. Originally, we felt more shy, tentative, and embarrassed. Now we’re able to get behind it a lot better.

Enjoy the nostalgic 70s vibe of this tune as you enter into the world of “Grassy Plains.”

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