Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Album Review: The Bad Penny Pleasuremakers- T'Ain't No Sin

The Bad Penny Pleasuremakers
Tain't No Sin
**and1/2 out of *****
A homage to days gone The Bad Penny Pleasuremakers are a collection of New Orleans musicians who are playing old timey tunes from the '20s and resurrecting them for swinging nights a full century later.

The group has a kitschy feel to it as songs dutifully go through their paces but never really light the world on fire. The bands cover of Nat King Cole's "Smile" is a good example hitting all the right notes, but lacking that certain charm that made the original radiate. The title track is a better excursion as Joy Patterson sings with a wink and charm.

The pumping "Down in Jungletown" focuses on Tarik Hassan's upright bass and Jimmy Vegans verbose clarinet. The breezy "Under The Moon" shows the bands take on Annette Hanshaw's tune as a washboard makes things ripple along. While the group mixes things up with "You Are My Sunshine" a normally happy tune they turn it into a dirge extending it over 8 minutes, the tempo does pick up but the foundation has been laid. It is an interesting stab at redoing a standard but one that maybe worked better in theory then practice.  

Their fast paced take on Georgia White's "Was I Drunk?" is a better fit and the, switching gender vocals are a good touch. A trip back in time, The Bad Penny Pleasuremakers, breath new life into old songs. 
A fun if not to deep jaunt through music past. Thanks to bandcamp yet again for this find.

Support the band here, grab the album here (or Stream it below) and peep some video:

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