Thursday, April 24, 2014

Album Review: Tim Cross & Burger- Hospital Gift Shop

Tim Cross & Burger
Hospital Gift Shop
**and1/2 out of *****
Alternative Underground hip/hop is alive and strong in New Orleans with Tim Cross and Burger's Hospital Gift Shop being just another example. The duo worked with a varying array of producers mixing tons of lyrics with dripping beats and eerie samples over the course of this 7 song bandcamp release.

The slurred chorus of vocal deep effect is the focus of the opening "Who'd Knew", which ends up being the most forgettable track here. Followed by the most memorable, "Alright" finds Cross and Burger tossing lines of rhyme that cascade easily, name checking Professor X, Pacino while cleaning out the casino over a beat that swirls around minimal echoes, ultra fast hi hats and Georgian chants. "Violet" brings vocal effects back in the mix as well as a closing sample from the title characters song from "Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory".  

A heartbeat bass line forms the foundation of "Lacoste" which could stick around longer. A 70's style disco roll supports the closing "Edward Smith", both frontmen have a lot to say and at times too much; as if they are trying to cram multiple bars where one would suffice.  

Each MC drops a solo track Burger's feel's a bit more textured before cutting up the style in the middle with a Beatles beat. Both hold their own however and prove that as a tandem they have lasting power. 
Another NOLA Hip Hop Find on Bandcamp.

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