Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Live Screaming Females Album Coming!

In 1 week Don Giovanni Records will release the newest album from Screaming Females which is going to be a live LP that the band recorded over 2 nights in Chicago last year.
Live at The Hideout is the bands first live offering and if ever a currently touring punk/rock and roll group needed one the Screaming Females are it. They are a personal favorite of ours and we try to see them every time they play NYC (which thankfully is often).  We had the privilege of interviewing Marissa regarding her amazing Noun album Holy Hell which we still love.

They kill it live and in the studio, this live disk (like their last album) was engineered by Steve Albini. You can hear a killer version of our favorite tune of theirs, "Lights Out" from Live at The Hideout below...feel the magic. We can't wait to hear the whole thing, on clear vinyl no less.

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