Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Album Review: Chad Mic- $upreme

Chad Mic
**and1/2 out of *****
New Orleans embraced hip hop early on with legends like Mannie Fresh and the city has recently produced mega stars in the genre with Lil Wayne. One thing that always seems to be a staple of NOLA Hip-Hop, energizer beats mixed with wild rhyme styles. Chad Mic's $upreme goes the other direction with smooth, laid back rhythms and unhurried rhymes.  

These aren't purple slurred jamz, rather beats that would sound proper coming out of a high end lounge or a late night blunt session. Opening with the slow rolling "Limelight" Chad Mic establishes his easy if not perfectly smooth flow. "ThecherryLounge" is an early stand out clearly rhyming about things that are close to him with lines like, "This rap ain't paying the rent though/Celebs on TMZ crashing their Enzo's". Augmented by an enchanting vibraphone, the music rolls and skitters at the edges, relaxed yet never sleepy; a disk highlight.

The follow up track "Goyard Bag" goes against the materialistic rebelling of the "ThecherryLounge" but contradiction is central to hip hop. "Higher" is an ode to his woman, fitting easily into Chad Mic's style if not elevating super high. "Real I$ Back" has some spacey swirls and electro keys while "$OULpower" lights up and rolls on chimes and distant drum beats.  

"$ummertime" looks backwards to the good old days as Chad Mic never hurries, relaxed with a strong set of produced music backing him up as he presents the chill vibes of $upreme
The first NOLA Hip hop album from bandcamp we will be showcasing this month. More underground NOLA hiphop to come.

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