Friday, April 25, 2014

Full Show Friday: Tab Benoit Hot Licks Festival 2011

We search the murky back waters of youtube to find full concerts and post them to the site weekly, come back every seven days to help us celebrate Full Show Friday's.  These shows are of varying quality and may not be here for long so enjoy them while you can...As always, please support the artist every which way, but especially by seeing them live (if they are still playing)...This week...Tab Benoit!
 Every April we have a special showcase for bands who are playing this years Jazzfest in NOLA. Today we will focus on Tab Benoit who will be appearing this weekend on the Acrua Stage, Sunday April 27th.  

All right, let the Cajun electric blues loose! The crawfish blues never tasted so good, as Tab and crew (who frustratingly stay off this one camera shot) get loose. While the camera work is not up to snuff the sound is fine for a fan shot video. Get the NOLA juices flowing as Tab Benoit rips into his axe, pouring out the cajun feeling and how can you not love the alligator head on his amp?

Have fun this weekend to all in attendance!


1 comment:

  1. I love me some Tab! He needs to come back to Reno so we can get TABULATED! Anybody remember when some dirtbag stole his alligator head?