Thursday, April 24, 2014

NYPL Blog Post: Beatlesque Bands

I have a new blog post up over at NYPL, you can click the link and check it out.
I wanted to create a blog post that tied in the Libraries excellent exhibit Ladies and Gentleman...The Beatles! with modern day rock music. I hope I did that by pointing out 5 of our favorite bands that have Beatles influences but also had their own twist.We have a lot of fun with these NYPL Posts, you can find them all here.

If you haven't checked out the exhibit yet, you really should it is pretty great. I particularly dug the handwritten set lists, usually on hotel paper, that are shown. Pretty neat to see exactly what the band was playing and how they arraigned it for their early shows. Get to LPA before May 10th to check out the exhibit for free of course.

Below we will just put some videos of the groups we talked about in the post playing a Beatles song in a live setting. Feel free to listen while you read.

Sir Paul with Nirvana:

No Beatles covers by Dr Dog on Youtube, so you get one of our fav's:

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