Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Live Review: Black Sabbath Barclay's Center 3/31/14

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It is a review of the Black Sabbath show from last Monday Night at the Barclay's Center. Big Thanks to Eric who invited me to the gig (and who also plays guitar in this amazing band). I probably would have passed on seeing Sabbath who I really dug as a youth but hadn't followed lately, and that would have been a mistake. We mentioned going to check them out last Friday but even with revisiting some tracks we were pumped; the show kicked ass.

Very impressed with the group, going to Brooklyn on the train I mentioned to Choy that there were three songs I wanted to hear, "War Pigs", "Into The Void" and "Fairies Wear Boots" and I got all three, played excellently. The others were all great too and I was impressed with how locked in they sounded overall. Ozzy is a joke, but he did enough to hold his own with the threesome behind him. Peep some video below and start banging your head....
War Pigs:

Fairies Wear Boots:

Children Of The Grave:


  1. I disagree Ozzy is not a joke & he made '13' a #1 album.

  2. This is a wonderful overview of the show that gives us insight into all the subtleties of this event.

  3. Many thanks for sharing the information in your blog