Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Album Review: Donovan Wolfington- Scary Stories You Tell In The Dark

Donovan Wolfington
Scary Stories You Tell In The Dark
**and1/2 out of *****
A five piece pop/punk rock band from New Orleans, Donovan Wolfington come at you with a 2 guitar, 1 keyboard attack over slapping drums and bass. The songs are in and out quickly, slamming the point and getting out before having time to become stale.

Opening with an ominous sample and textured riff "Sleeping" sets the early tone with a bang. "Quitting" plays with tempo changes and motoring and slamming into a huge ending, a highlight track here that almost makes wish they didn't "quit" on it when they did. "Alone" has a distinct early 80's new wave pop vibe with an ominous feeling warbling around the edges. The straight forward "Keef Ripper" makes the most of it shorts stay while disk closing "Hey Alex" has bigger arena rock tendencies in an early Weezer way ending things on a high.      

The short disk is a good introduction to a band that seems to be off and running with confidence and direction. Here's hoping that more is coming from Donovan Wolfington soon.
Another great find from NOLA from Bandcamp for this month. Good stuff.

Support the band here, grab the album here or stream it below: 

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