Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Album Review: Eat The Witch- Eat The Witch EP

Eat The Witch
Eat The Witch EP
**and1/2 out of *****
New Orleans isn't all horns and jazz, metal has long had a hold on the city starting in the late 80's with bands like Eye Hate God and Soilent Green. The slow sludge/doom rock seems to flourish in the southern heat and Eat The Witch continues that on their first release which is just one instrumental track that rolls on for over 23 minutes.   

The track is titled "The Scarlett Capsule" and it moves in and out of a lot rock terrain. Doom, Sludge, upbeat math rock all work as tempo changes and hard driving riffs are channeled throughout. Formed from ex members of New Orleans bands haarp, Spickle & Dresden. The group rises like a decaying dinosaur carcass out of the swamp stomping and trudging all over the landscape.

Around the 10 minute mark things pick up as he tempo accelerates then a series of stopping and starting is employed. The clashes become frequent before the 16th minute mark where things get lucid as sonic waves warp around a deep bass line, turning the metal groovy. The rhythmn builds and the guitars take flight leading to a crushing finale.   

"The Scarlett Capsule" would have been perfect for the creepy climax of True Detective as McConaughey and Harrelson perilously run through Carcosa. The cinematic imagery this instrumental metal journey projects is exciting, here's hoping we get more from Eat The Witch soon. 
Can't get enough of New Orleans bands on bandcamp this month with more to come. A different sort of find, this time on the metal tip. We know this isn't for everyone but we dig this stuff.

Support the band, buy the album here or stream it below:


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