Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Album Review: Bat Fangs - Queen Of My World

Bat Fangs
Queen Of My World
***and1/2 out of *****

The combo of Betsy Wright (Ex-Hex) and Laura King (Flesh Wounds/Speed Stick) return for their second installment of Bat Fangs. Queen Of My World plunges into catchy, 80's based hard rock with efforts that ring out with passion and get stuck in your ear with ease. 

The strutting heavy opener "Action" gives a swaggering start to the record as Wrights vocals and guitar accentuate Kings metal drumming. First single and title track is a doozy as the band pulls into Joan Jett station and puts their own spin on 'a dime in the jukebox' around a ripping solo from Wright promoting the track to the top of the heap. 

"Talk Tough" brings in arena rock ready choruses and pop rock appeal with glory while "Lightning Hand" delivers riffs the way of Ted Nugent thundering with a stranglehold around the fret board. The stomping "Never Coming Down" shows Wright's pyrotechnic work on guitar while still delivering the sweet woah-oh-oh-oh's.   

The one outlier here is the longest effort "Psychic Eye" which doesn't seem sure if it is stoner rock, a ballad, psych or prog rock. It dabbles in all of these fields and never commits to any of them, failing in the end, but doing so in interesting fashion. 

The duo are clearly in their element when they just plow straight ahead with the leather jacket wearing, switchblade cutting "Supernatural" and the screeching "In The Water" while the distorted instrumental folk rock finale "Into The Weave" works its way into a monstrous ending. Both Wright and King seem to be enjoying themselves with their retro rocking style on the fun Queen Of My World
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