Monday, December 20, 2021

First Single from New Matt Pike Solo Album

Matt Pike is the guitar wizard and driving force behind some bruising metal outfits with the stoner rock Sleep and the incredible High on Fire, but that is not enough as he now announces a new solo album, Pike vs. the Automaton.

RtBE has loved his past worked and ranked High On Fire in our Top 50 Albums of the last decade, so we are excited to hear the new record when it arrives on February 18th. The reason behind this solo effort is the pandemic, as Pike explains himself:
“I was just going bonkers during the pandemic. It was like really, truly miserable. And then all the riots here in Portland and all the political shit. I was trapped in my garage, which was the only place I could go and jam and do anything,” confesses Pike. “I was trapped in there ‘cause I couldn’t go jam with High on Fire, I couldn’t do this, I couldn’t do that, no one could fly. I was going crazy. My friend Jon Reid, who was the original drummer for Lord Dying, had moved to Portland and was babysitting my dog, Crom, and he was drumming for my wife’s band, so he had his drums already set up at my place. I finally said, “Dude, do you want to come over and just start jamming? So, I just started this thing with my friend Jon. I was like, “Dude, fuck it. Let’s start a side band and we’ll just demo this and act like we’re starting it as teenagers, you know?”

Check out the first single and video:

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