Thursday, December 2, 2021

Live Streams: Toubab Krewe - Live at Relix Studios

For the last year live music was on lock down (like everything else in New York City). Live streams and old concerts have become essential for live music junkies like RtBE. Things are improving on the pandemic front in this city, but live streams will be an option for the foreseeable future. We will highlight various shows/streams/virtual events for your viewing and listening pleasure and as a way to help out the artists. You can always check out or weekly Full Show Friday series for concerts from the past and as always please support the artists any which way you can.

Today we highlight: Toubab Krewe - Live at Relix Studios

This afternoon at 2pm Toubab Krewe will be playing live at the Relix Studios in NYC. It will be viewable here.  

We caught the band waaaay back in 2006 at Joe's Pub and they put on a good show. I have also checked in periodically on them over the years and they always bring it live.

To get in the mood here is a tune from the band: 

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