Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Album Review: Jaguero - Worst Weekend Ever EP

Worst Weekend Ever EP
*** out of *****

The brief new EP from the Vicenza, Italy based rockers Jaguero is a blast of upbeat indie/punk/rock that feels bigger than the tight confines that Worst Weekend Ever is constrained in. 

It opens with the mostly restrained "Sunday", playing like a mix of Surfer Blood and Beach Slang as the group eases into the EP before halfway through the slamming drums, sing-along ready lyrics enter, only for the song to end before two minutes run time. 

Both "Mild Safari" and "Negative, Awesome!" use the same template of poppy punk, catchy vibes with "woo-oh-oh" backing vocals as the base of the song, while sprinkling in sections of screaming vocals and thunderous rumbling distorted bass, bordering on a hardcore break out. 

"The Worm" is incredibly brief and while catchy, dissipates before really sinking in while the album closer is a better and brighter. Wrapping up the quick effort, "Get Along" incorporates heavy drums, screams and poppy almost 80's sounding rock. 

The long (by Jaguero standards) finale on their Worst Weekend Ever EP is a winner and hints at more to come from this talented young band. 
Support the artists, buy the album and peep some video below:

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