Thursday, January 26, 2023

2022 Recap: Favorite Albums, Shows, etc

With all the hectic happenings at the end of the year, things can be missed. This is a catch up post to point out a few of our favorite things from 2022 that shouldn't go unnoticed.

What a year! Lots of reviews, promotions and live shows attended as the world tries to spin again, semi-resembling pre-Covid times. Thanks for reading and following along on Twitter and Instagram. 

Also thanks to Shane and the whole Glide team for allowing me to continue to write for them, working on a wide variety of reviews. case you missed it here are our Best of 2022 series of posts:

Our picks for favorite album art of 2022, where we check out some creative album art from the last year.

Our picks for our favorite archival releases of 2022

Our picks for favorite live show of 2022, it was a mix of live streams and live outings. 

Finally our favorite albums of the year. The honorable mentions and top ten list are all lined up. 

If you are looking for more suggestions, we also have our list of the top fifty albums of the past decade which you can check out and yell at us about. 

Feel free to let us know your choices for all of the above in the comments and thanks as always for reading and the patron saint of this site stated:

What are those of the known, but to ascend and enter the Unknown? 

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