Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Album Review: Ray Palousek - Feelings EP

Ray Palousek
Feelings EP
**out of *****

The newest brief EP from piano/composer/singer Ray Palousek is titled Feelings and those are front and center lyrically. 

The Texas based piano man has strung together three songs on the EP with some friends helping out musically (Piano, keyboards, vocals: Ray PalousekElectric Bass, Acoustic Bass: Jonathan Keith, Drums, Electric Drums: Joshua Breedlove, Acoustic Guitar, Steel Guitar: Steve Palousek) to round out the tracks sound. 

The three tunes seem to run the relationship gamut with Palousek finding and reveling in love to start, experiencing betrayal and deceit, then pledging reconciliation to close. The singer finds sex and love in opener "Kiss Me Again" which is the best of the bunch using a solo piano intro before kicking up with drums, bass and keys in jazzy fashion to finish. 

Skittering beats, weepy steel and acoustic guitars color "Not Your Baby" which finds a heartbroken Palousek singing raw lyrics about lost love that are just on the edge of his vocal range. The brief EP closes with "Embers In The Breeze" which has a churchy folk mass feel, directly using piano, marching drums and steel guitars in worshiping fashion. 

Ray Palousek's blunt, direct lyricism can be a bit blush inducing, but that is Feelings intention, to conjure up all that comes with love, loss and and the constant search for happiness.        
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