Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Great Read: Nate Rogers "Is Live Music Broken?"

Back on 12/21/2022 The Ringer published an article from Nate Rogers titled "Is Live Music Broken? It's Not Just Ticketmaster, It's Everything".

The longform article was inspired by the Taylor Swift Ticketmaster debacle but it goes deeper than just that, discussing some ills within the industry and beyond. Check it out

It is well worth your time and for music junkies like RtBE there are a lot of talking points to digest. The concept of 'poptimism' has come up a few times recently ion discussion with friends and the whole current musical landscape is something we constantly grapple with. 

RtBE are happy that Rogers ended up catching Weyes Blood, who was high up on our Favorite Albums of 2022 list, as live music is always worth it. 

Here is the tune he ends the article with:

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