Wednesday, January 29, 2020

2019 Recap: Favorite Albums, Shows, Etc

With all the hectic happenings at the end of the year, things can be missed. This is just a catch up post to point out a few of our favorite things from 2019 that shouldn't go unnoticed. There were many strong releases, great live shows, amazing musical moments....2020 has a lot to live up to.

Before we jump into what was hot from last year (and last decade) we should point out we went back in time even further during 2019 and did a monthly focus on our Masters Series. Each month we discussed an artist/group we respected and who formed RtBE tastes (as an example June was for Jimi). Feel free to check each of those out as well. case you missed it here are our Best of 2019 series of posts...

Our picks for best album art of 2019, where we check out some creative album art from the last year.

Our picks for best live show of 2019, what an amazing year for live tunes...all of these were jaw dropping nights in their own ways.

Finally our three part series for albums of the year. Part one, our just misses and letdowns, part two our picks for 10-5, part three our top 5, picks for best albums of 2019.  Again all of these are fantastic and worth your time and attention.

Also as an added bonus we have our list of the top fifty albums of the past decade which you can check out and yell at us about. The top live albums from the last decade get a little bit of love as well.

Feel free to let us know your choices for all of the above in the comments and thanks as always for reading and the patron saint of this site stated:

What are those of the known, but to ascend and enter the Unknown? 

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